Want to help the people of South Sudan?  Here is how you can help us help them!

We can accept donations in cash and checks (including teller checks and money orders). If you want to donate directly or specify your gift, email Beverly to get the address and other pertinent information. You can also donate to us using your PayPal account:

If you want to specify where your donation is being used, you may choose a “Short-Term Goal” or “On-Going Need” from the SSEM Projects and Goals page or choose one of these more general areas:

Spiritual Development
Community Development
Healthy Living Conditions
Learning Opportunities/Scholarships for Students

                                        PRIMARY SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS – URGENTLY NEEDED
Many, approximately 200, Primary School students dropped out of school this Spring 2020. Their parents lost jobs due to Covid-19 or for other reasons and were not able to pay the tuition. If  designated scholarship funds are available, families will receive assistance from SSEM, and students will return to school. The annual tuition is $36.00 per student. Please consider a level of sponsorship below so children are back in the classrooms this Fall.
1.      $36 – one student
2.    $180 – five students
3.    $360 – 10 students
4.    $900 – 25 students
5. $1,800 – 50 students
6. $3,600 – 100 students
7. $7,200 – 200 students

We also accept donations to our general fund. These donations can be used for the minimal administrative costs of running the mission or in the specific area where there is the most need. All non-specified donations are put into the general fund.

Do you have a church or other group that wants to get involved with SSEM?  We want you to get involved!

We like to have Paul come and talk to groups about what we are doing, what has been done, and what still needs to be done.  His testimonies are amazing and the pictures he has taken tell the story of a people who are growing stronger and are appreciative of the gifts they have received.

If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser that includes Paul speaking to your group, email Beverly so we can schedule something!