The new nation of The Republic of South Sudan has many needs and much rebuilding to do. We are working to help out in a lot of different ways. Here are our goals for the weeks, months, and years ahead.

Building a Church – COMPLETED in 2013! Destroyed by war in Pinythor, South Sudan in 2017
Building Schools – First SSEM Kindergarten and Primary School – COMPLETED in Lare District of Gambella, Ethiopia!
Building Wells and Providing Clean Water – COMPLETED with two water sources provided by the Gambella Medical Mission Group
Creating Medical Clinics
Creating Community Learning Centers for Adult Education
Create Programs to Provide Hope for Veterans, Orphans and Widows/Widowers

Create the South Sudan Christian Leadership Training Center (SSCLTC) to provide training for church leaders and evangelists
Create a public place for reading and/or a community library.
Provide Bibles, books, and used textbooks for college students.
Send donated and purchased used computers for local churches in South Sudan.
Fund a Community Learning Center program to bring American college students to learn various skills by which they may contribute to the mission of SSEM.

Scholarships for the Primary School students
Children’s Tylenol © (acetaminophen) and other Over-The-Counter (OTC) medicine donations.
Clothing, shoes, and sunglasses for all ages.
Choir and Deaconess Robes.
Money to ship physical donations to South Sudan.

See a need you want to give to?  Head over to the How To Give page for details on donating, upcoming events, and how you can help out!